Sunday, April 17, 2011

not a cindarella story

this is a story about someone.
someone which i can call her a fucking best friend.
damn.i love her.
her name was shubby and she's beautiful.i'm not kidding you.
she is funny.she make me laugh every time we hangout together.
i love my shubby :)

i still remember the 1st time we meet

1st time i meet her, she's damn funny.make joke.
i still remember when we're in the train heading back to sh alam from mid. we're the only people in that coach.hahah!!
she make us laugh like crazy with her joke.
i miss that moment.


now.we're best friend.
super close.she's the one who can make me smile and laugh when i've a problem.
we share every single thing.secret.gossiping.everything!

i call her pompuan gila.hahah.
 i'll be there when she need me.and she's too.

but.lately.she's a bit weirdo.
i kinda worried.she always tell me a line which i don't really like.

dear shubby,

please i'm begging you,stop saying that stupid line.
u know that i don't like it.much!
please be strong.remember what u told me before?
remember the time that we cry.together?

p/s: shubby.apa pon jadi.aku tetap sayang kau.xda orang boleh ganti kau.bagi aku kau laa kawan terbaik.aku sayang kau kawanbaik :)

aku nie acah.acah nk speaking omputih.maaf laa beteghaboq bahasa aku.
saja nk feeling.feeling boleh taip omputih T_T

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