Sunday, November 28, 2010


DEAR  rara raww.

frankly, i sentap with u.
the party that you attend at the pavilion was super amazing!
you went to HERMES launching party!!
you know what girl,it is one of the most exclusive party and you are the guess!
damn again.

**it's hermes people! HERMES!!

**super exclusive HERMES mag! superb!

with your superb outfit  and a heel.
you look totally different and you should always wear that everyday!

 *excuse me people.see the scarf that she's wearing? it worth almost 2k
damn eyha.i'm super jealous with you!

trust me :D you suck a dick magnet! HAHAHA!

with your fluffy  ass
**err..fluffy??dnt know the exact word!

 even your B* not that amaze.hhha
*sorry for my 'kelancang-an' again.

well you know me
my mouth faster than my brain!

well eyha.even though i'm quite jealous with you.
but its good to see you happy :D
because you deserve it.
ily ibu rara <3.

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